System Requirements

The system requirements are flexible, the product can be tailored depending on your requirements

The processing requirement is low as most of the work is done by the file system. A budget CPU with 8G bytes of memory will be sufficient. The graphics is only required to preview images. The only requirement of consequence is the need for storage. This needs to cover the size of your archive plus extra for expansion.

Optimal system

In a optimal system you will need at least three hard drives in the system. This is because in an optimal system you would have three live copies of the archive. One primary and two backups. you may also add a drive for the Workspace and or the Pictures folder.

This may sound excessive but drives are cheap. However the capacity of the drives are are huge and the the lost of a drive with possibly thousands of irreplaceable images on it make little sense not to have three live copies.

However, the system can function with just one drive if required. but, If this drive fails then you have obviously lost all the images. This is not recommended if you treasure you images, unless of course you have other copies.

The only caveat to that is if it is a RAID drive. However if the RAID controller fails or two drives fail then you may have lost the RAID array and thus lost the drive. Note: One problem with RAID is that if one drive fails the array will work without it and the array looks fine. It is only when a second drive fails does the array stops works at that point is to late. Beware of RAID.

Minimum requirement

The minimum requirement is probably two self contained drives, one containing the main repositories and one containing a backup copy of those repositories.

Typically Systems

A typical system can be a small PC with a 4 way 2.5 in disk enclosure that fits into a 5 in disk slot in a PC case.

This will allow four 2.5 in disks in a comparatively small space. These at the moment can be up to 5tb per drive.