Product road map

Image Archive is a product that is to grow into a fully fledged Digital Asset Management product. However, in order to do this the product needs to start with the minimum functionality to be usable. This is normally called the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This MVP is defined in the following section.

In this case the MVP is a fully functional Digital Vault. This is the core of the Archive, all the functionality used in mantaining a Digital Archive is contained in the Digital Vault. The functionality in this MVP has been exceeded and contains desirable features as well as the more required features.

This functionality will be expanded over time into the fully fledged Digital Asset Management product following the road map described in the Road Map section.

Minimum Viable Product

The Image Vault core functional set in this release is complete as a first version of the product. This will be the MVP This set of functions will allow the Image Vault core functionality to operate in an effective manner.

The primary function of Image Archive is as follows:

  • Organise images into an orderly structure.
  • Stop duplicate images being added into the archive.
  • Have a hierarchical system of adding image metadata.
  • Maintain a number of backups of both images and metadata
  • Validate that the archive is complete with no errors.
  • If error are found in the archive then has a mechanism to fix these problems
  • Have a process by which image and metadata can be accessed from the archive without harming the contents of the archive.
  • A journaling system that documents

Road Map of Features

This section outlines how more desirable features will be developed and intergraded into the product.

What comes next is add-on components that expand the products functionality that is not part of this core.

Off-site backups

Off-site backups need not be run at the same time that the core product imports a set of images. The import can be completed then the off-site backup process can be run once the core product finishes.

Off-line backups

This compontent application will allow the repositories to be backed-up to off-line media such as Bluray, DVDs or tape.

Image cataloguing process

The cataloguing process will take the images found in a extenal copy of the archive and generate a catalogue.