About us

IDK Solutions Ltd is an independent, privately-held software company in Burgess Hill, United Kingdom.  We develop and market ImgArchive Vault. This is a software tool for storing digital images in a safe and consistent way. The software tools are developed for the three main desktop operating systems, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

IDK Solutions Ltd is a small new company with no aspirations to be a large company.  We aim to provide a useful and affordable tool, and to do right by our customers and employees.  Being a small new company we hope to grow the product into a full Image archiving tool that supports all the Digital Asset Management (DAM) design goals.

The initial tool is a Image Archive Vault, this contain the all the main functions of the archive such as the repositories, their backup repositories and all the functions need to maintain a Digital Image Archive.

At this time only the windows version will be available, however the Linux and Mac OS will be available soon.